About us

From a living room in Cambridge to over a million homes across the globe

Founded by two friends from Cambridge in 2012, Majority has gone on to become an Amazon best-selling brand with a device in over three million homes across the globe. From the very beginning, founders, Eddie Latham, and PJ Scott’s focus has been to use ground-breaking technology to deliver quality consumer electronics at an affordable price.

“Our goal has always been inclusivity” Latham and Scott use their years of know-how to continue to build a brand that designs products for a variety of budgets.

In the beginning

Beginning in Cambridge, aka “Silicon Fen”, the English city populated with high tech companies, we launched with the Verb Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Since the early days, we have stayed loyal to the city we started in and continue to operate, by naming a range of our products after key parts of the area.

Today, we have more than 50 radios, speakers, soundbars and DVD players, all of which are designed in our studio in Cambridge.

The Majority Verb Portable Bluetooth Speaker was our very first product. Launched back in 2012, the Majority range now includes more than 50 radios, speakers, soundbars and DVD players.

High quality

From design to distribution, our focus is on answering our customers’ needs and providing the best service we can. Our dedication to consistent quality has led to over 3 million sales across the UK, Europe and beyond, by ensuring every aspect of our company is delivering superb customer support.

One of the most effective ways we do this is from the feedback we gain from our customers. From Trustpilot and Amazon reviews to efficient tech support, we take pride in listening to what our audience has to say, so we can continue to create new, exciting and improved products.

The audio market is changing....

Gaming has moved from being a hobby to a lifestyle. Occasionally working from home has become the freelancer’s entire work regime. Streaming services are overtaking traditional television and music providers. As technology helps the world evolve, we are running to meet the developing requirements of home entertainment devices.

Our story

Majority began in 2012 as a classic start-up story: two guys, one garage, and an idea. Take our founders, PJ and Eddie, throw in a few buckets of energy, a warehouse worth of open-mindedness and a living room crammed with ambition. Top that off with plenty of the nation’s favourite fuel (tea of course) and you have Majority. Since founding, we’ve grown from two guys working out of a living room to a team of over 40 with offices across the UK, and we’ve never looked back.

2012 | An Idea…

Noticing a gap in the market, founders PJ and Eddie formulate the idea of a new way to bring audio to people’s homes.

2013 | The Brand Begins

Many cups of tea later, Majority is formed from a sofa in Cambridge as the foundations of what was to become were created.

2014 | First Product Launched

Our first product – the Majority Verb portable Bluetooth speaker, is launched online. Operations have moved from the sofa to a storage unit.

2015 | First DAB Radio Launched

What would become our signature product line – our first DAB+ radio goes to market: the Chesterton portable radio.

2016 | Best-Selling Radio Brand on Amazon

Now boasting a diverse portfolio of radios and speakers, Majority tops the charts and becomes the number one radio brand on Amazon.

2017 | First Soundbar Launched

The days of working from cold and leaky storage units are long behind us as the Majority team launch our first soundbar: The Ben Nevis from our offices and dedicated warehouse at Majority HQ.

2018 | Launched in Europe

With sales of our radios and soundbars booming, the range goes continental as our best-seller: the Oakington makes its debut across Europe.

2019 | Best-Selling Soundbar in Europe

In less than 12 months of first launching in the region – we claim the title of having the best-selling soundbar across Europe in the form of the Majority Snowdon.

2020 | Launched in the US

2 guys in a garage is now a 30+ team working from numerous locations across the county. With our products in over 2 million homes across Europe, Majority makes it way across the Atlantic as the Bowfell launches in the US.

2021 | The Majority Forest

With the launch of our plant a tree scheme and introduction of eco-friendly packaging, Majority begins its journey to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral audio brand.

Our future is innovation

Whether we’re trailblazing in the audio market with the world’s first Alexa-enabled DAB radio or delivering pioneering product videos, innovation is at the heart of our brand. Our Design & Development team strive to constantly refine our expertise to deliver the next chapter of ground-breaking tech. 2020 saw our team double in size to meet the growing needs of the audio market.

From eco-friendly packaging and digital product manuals to hands-on tech support and proactive social media interaction, our forward-thinking innovation spans more than simply our Design & Development team. For each of our products, we focus on how our customers connect and interact in the digital era. From gaming to video calls, streaming to indie music, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to join the Majority family.