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Meet the Makers: Rebecca Lewis Smith

“On some level, it’s going to be all of us coming back from maternity leave. Not quite knowing what they’re coming back to, not knowing what’s changed, what’s going to be ok and what’s not. I definitely think we’ve got a journey. Not everyone will want to talk about it, so the ones who do, should. As leaders, we need to say it is ok to say I’m excited and I’m scared, and that’s fine.”

Legends of Latin Music

On 15th April 2021, the Latin Music community come together at the Latin American Music Awards to celebrate the most creative and beat banging music

Musically Active- How music encourages your inner athlete

Sports psychologist and world-leading researcher on music for performance, Dr Costas Karageorghis, has carried out over 100 studies to see the results of synchronous music with sport and says that we can think of music as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”.