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Geeky Stuff | 11 Jul 2020

“The Best Selling Soundbar On Amazon – I thought i’d look at something different this time and i looked at best selling products on Amazon and found the Majority Bowfell Compact 2.1 Soundbar which is the best selling soundbar on Amazon right now!”

Gerald Main | 4 Apr 2020

“Broadcaster Gerald Main reviews the Eddington DAB / FM / Bluetooth Radio by Majority. It’s small, has rechargeable batteries and is a breeze to use.”

Geeky Stuff | 6 Oct 2020

“Majority Atlas Soundbar Review & Giveaway – I take a look at the brand new budget soundbar from Majority! The Atlas Computer Soundbar! Only £25 on Amazon, compact, stylish and very good sound quality.”

“These speakers are amazing, connectivity is brilliant and easy and the sound quality is as rich and clear as I expected from a Majority product having purchased several before. The remote control is a really nice touch allowing you to control the treble and bass, volume and mode, on or off and mute with ease. I really like these speakers.”

Mr M

Amazon Reviewer