The “Green Tick”

The Digital Radio Certification Mark (“tick mark”) identifies and gives greater assurance to consumers that the DAB digital radio products and services they are buying are future-ready and will enable them to receive the available DAB, DAB+ and FM radio stations. In order to be granted use of the tick mark, manufacturers must meet the minimum specification. In order for the manufacturer to prove that they meet the minimum specification, they must put their product(s) through testing.



Whenever you see this logo on one of our products it means that we’ve passed the Digital Tick necessary to provide a future proof and product of the highest standards.
Here’s what you can expect from a Digital Tick Certified product:

  • Hiss and crackle-free sound
  • Easy to tune: find the station you want by name, not number
  • Track and artist listings: digital radios display on-screen information, so you can find out what’s playing

For more info, visit the Digital Radio website at:

Certified Products

Here are a selection of our products that have the Green Tick Certification. Click to find out more: