DAB Digital Radio Explained

DAB Digital radios pick up a digital broadcast signal, giving you great sound and a wide choice of channels. They’re easy to use too, just choose the name of a station from the display.

Digital signals take up less space on the airwaves, so there are more stations to choose from, 24 hours a day. You’ll find all your favourite stations on DAB, plus many more that are digital only.

The DAB signal contains extra information your DAB digital radio can display. You don’t need to remember wavelengths or frequencies; just choose the station name! While you listen, music stations may show you each track title and artist name, while news bulletins may include scrolling headlines.

I need help with my Majority Product?

All our products come with printed user guides. User guides are also digitally available through our products page or get tips on using your majority product from our video tutorials.

What size are the Majority products?

All Majority products dimensions can be found in the Features section on our product pages.

The information can also be found in the user guides that are digitally available on our website and come as standard with all Majority products.

My Majority Radio has poor signal?

If you’re experiencing poor radio signal through your Majority Radio, please ensure you follow our best practice guide to get the best reception.

  1. Ensure your radio antenna is fully extended. Move the antenna position until you hear the clearest audio through your radio.
  2. Move the physical location of the radio – built structures, such as concrete walls can block radio waves and result in poor reception from your radio.
  3. Check your location for digital radio coverage. It may be that you are located in an area that has poor coverage. Weather can also impact the transmission of radio-waves.

My Majority Product isn't Working?

If your Majority product is not operating as it should be, please first carefully consult our printed user guides (in the box). User guides are also digitally available through our products page or get tips on using your majority project from our video tutorials.

If the user guide does not help resolve your issues, please contact our support team via email at [email protected]

We aim to reply to all customer enquires within 24 hours.

Do Majority Products come with a Warranty?

All Majority products come with a 1-year standard warranty from the retailer. Majority also offer an extended 3-year hassle free warranty when you register your product on our website. You can register your radio for a 3-year warranty via our product registration page; just find your product and fill out the form.