It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, find the perfect audio gift this year for everyone in your life.

The temperature has plummeted, the fairy lights are on and the supermarkets are full of turkey crowns. It’s official…Christmas is coming! As much as we all love the run-up to 25th December, from listening to Christmas songs on repeat to settling in for Netflix’s latest Christmas movie, finding the perfect gift can be mind-boggling. This year give the gift of audio with our top picks of majority devices for everyone and anyone in your life. 

Gift for the Tech Junkie

Majority Snowdon II Bluetooth Soundbar

Whether you’re a music maven or a total film fanatic, one thing 2020 and 2021 has taught us, is the importance of investing in your home audio. With the Majority Snowdon II Bluetooth Soundbar the tech enthusiast in your life will be ecstatic with the superior audio experience. With a built-in subwoofer and 2.1 channel sound, the Snowdon will transform any home cinema set-up. Defining surround sound with stereo speakers, the Snowdon offers a vast range of connectivity from Bluetooth to HDMI ARC to upgrade your audio across music, gaming, film, television, pc and more.

Gift for the Fitness Fanatic

It’s been proven that listening to music while you exercise increases your activity and distracts you from feeling fatigued.  Sports scientists at Brunel University have demonstrated that music can reduce your rate of perceived effort (RPE) by 12% and improve your endurance by 15%. Additionally, music increases Dopamine, a neurotransmitter commonly known as the motivation molecule; an intricate part of the brain pleasure-reward system. 

Majority Onyx True Wireless Earbuds

This Christmas give the fitness enthusiast in your life, the perfect workout companion- the Majority Onyx True Wireless Earbuds. The ideal solution for hands-free audio on the go, the Onyx earbuds are ready to pair and play straight out of the box. Complete with a pebble-shaped charging case, enjoy crisp, clear high notes and great bass.

Gift for the Gardeners

Majority Eddington Portable Bluetooth DAB Radio

Shopping for the green-fingered loved one? Any garden worth their salt, come rain or shine, warmth or cold, are the happiest surrounded by their vegetables and flowers. This Christmas why not bring their favourite tunes to their happiest place on earth? With the Majority Eddington Portable Bluetooth DAB Radio keep them bobbing their head while they give some tlc to their beetroots. With DAB & FM Radio, they’ll be entertained for hours from call-in radio shows to pitch-side football commentary. Alternatively, if they’re more F Scott Fitzgerald than Rio Ferdinand, they can connect to Bluetooth and stream their favourite podcasts and audiobooks for an eventful trip to the garden or allotment.

Gift for Students

Majority Bowfell Compact TV & Computer Soundbar

Anyone’s who’s been in student accommodation will know that space is hard to come by, so the smaller the better! Small but mighty, the Majority Bowfell Compact TV & Computer Soundbar, packs a punch to please any audio enthusiast with limited space. Containing a built-in subwoofer, the Bowfell offers cinematic audio with sound settings to offer catered listening: Music, Movies and Dialogue.  Not only is the Bowfell a great option for studying from home, but with a host of connectivity including Bluetooth, AUX-in and Optical, connect to your smart devices including TV, phone and laptop and let your favourite sounds play.

Majority DX10 PC Speakers

Alternatively, upgrade the student desk set-up with the Majority DX10 PC Speakers. The simple plug and play feature means the student in your life can wave goodbye to complicated set-ups and be moments away from enjoying quality audio as they work, game, listen to music or watch their favourite streaming services.

Gift for the New Homeowner

Majority Barton DAB & FM Radio

Where classic meets modern, the Majority Barton DAB & FM Radio offers a contemporary touch to any home décor. Let the new homeowner wake up with their favourite radio stations across DAB & FM radio.

Majority Oakington DAB Radio CD Player

Alternatively, add the showstopper to their home décor with the Majority Oakington DAB Radio CD Player. Available in Oak and Walnut blast out your favourite tunes across DAB Radio, CD, Bluetooth and much more. Whether you’re shopping for a podcast lover, audiobook addict, or music fan, the Majority Oakington FM, DAB/DAB+, CD & Radio Player is the perfect addition to any home.

Gift for the Gaming Guru

Majority K2 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

Whether you’re a gamer yourself, or one of nearest and dearest’s life is games, games, and more games, you’ll know that gaming is no longer a hobby but is now a lifestyle. What better way to experience the best games on the market than by filling the room with the game’s surroundings? With the Majority K2 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer transform the gaming experience. With the wireless subwoofer, allow your loved ones to immerse themselves in audio excellence. Hosting multiple connectivity’s including Bluetooth, AUX and USB, upgrade the gaming experience across console, PC and mobile gaming.

Gift for the Movie Buff

Majority DVD Player

In the age of streaming, it can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for the proud DVD collector. With the Majority DVD Player, the lucky film fan in your life can enjoy their DVD from any region of the world and enjoy the amazing quality! Additionally, the Majority DVD Player is compatible with the CD format. So whether you want to play children’s audiobooks (most of them are in CD-format) or you’d like to walk down the yellow book road to the music of the early 2000s, embrace the living room party with the Majority DVD Player.

Gift for the Early Bird

Majority Eversden Bluetooth DAB Radio

With the temperatures plummeting and the weather staying dark till well after you start your day, it can take a little bit of extra motivation to muster the courage to abandon your duvet in the morning! With the Majority Eversden Bluetooth DAB Shower Radio start your day off in style. The water-resistant radio offers everything from streaming your hand-crafted playlists to kicking your day off with the most popular radio shows or even tuning in to your favourite podcasts.

Gift for the Hostess

Majority D40 Bookshelf Speakers

The background music in any social setting can almost make or break a party, so why not give the hostess in your life, the perfect audio device for any event- the Majority D40 Bookshelf Speakers. With built-in amplifiers and dual speaker set-up, the D40’s will revolutionise home audio. On hand to deliver your favourite media, using Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and optical output, plug and play will become second nature for all your audio needs.

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