Why Tech is the Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding season has officially arrived, so its time to pick the perfect wedding gift for the tech-savvy couple.

From the radio waking us up to listening to podcasts over breakfast to catching up with friends and family over an evening of streaming, there’s no denying technology is a big part of our everyday lives. Whether the soon-to-be newlyweds are as tech-savvy as they come or you want to offer a helping hand to a young couple starting their life together, why not give the gift of award-winning design with high-quality audio.

A Majority Wedding

Whether you’re an engaged couple picking your Amazon registry list or you’re shopping for the perfect wedding gift, Majority have a wonderful range of audio devices to suit any and every couple!

Majority Bowfell Compact TV & Computer Soundbar

Small but mighty, the Majority Bowfell is a new improved device to experience media. With its slim and sleek design, the built-in subwoofer delivers cinematic surround sound for a superior audio experience. Its compact size makes it ideal for a small apartment yet doesn’t compromise on quality. Dedicated to catering to your audio needs the Music, Movie and Dialogue settings allow you to experience cinema like a superhero, play music festival style and hear zoom call lectures at their very best. Ready to fill the room of your choice with your favourite online game or the podcast of the week, the Bowfell is ready to connect via Bluetooth, Optical, USB, RCA, and AUX port. 

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Majority Multi-Region DVD Player

Majority DVD Player

Perfect for the film and music fan who is a proud collector of CDs and DVDs, the Majority DVD Player is the perfect addition to a home entertainment set-up. Compatible with USB, CD and DVDs alike, enjoy everything from family photo galleries, and your favourite Marvel movie soundtrack to Buffy the Vampire Slayer- all in one device!

Majority Little Shelford Portable Bluetooth DAB Radio

A great gift for the couple who likes to kick off their day with the radio, the Majority Little Shelford will be right at home with the happy newlyweds. From streaming playlists via Bluetooth to tuning in to the best of the radio waves be it 00s punk rock to Classic FM, the Little Shelford is the stylish option for every audio occasion. Plus, using 4x AA batteries, the Little Shelford is perfect for a beach holiday or a camping trip.  

Majority DX10 PC Speakers

Majority DX10 PC Speakers

Whether a home office needs an audio upgrade, or you want to revolutionise your PC gaming experience, the Majority DX10 PC Speakers are ideal for computer audio. Waving goodbye to a complicated set-up, the DX10’s plug-and-play feature means you’re simply moments away from enjoying a zoom first date, playing the latest summer hit, or escaping into your favourite videogame. Delivering 2.0 stereo sound, the DX10 speakers use USB power to deliver crisp audio. 

Majority Homerton 2 Smart Internet DAB & FM Radio Music System with CD Player, Spotify Connect & Podcast Player

A must-have for the music couple, the Majority Homerton 2 delivers hours of entertainment across a wide range of features. With over 25,000 radio stations at your fingertips, explore the world wide web from Manchester to Moscow for all your musical delights! Stream the latest playlists via Spotify Connect, settle into a relaxing evening with an audiobook using Bluetooth, or source the best motivation podcasts from across the globe. If that isn’t enough to keep the newlyweds grinning like a Cheshire cat, talk a walk down musical lane with the Homerton 2’s built-in CD player!

Majority Sierra 2.0.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

The Sierra is the ideal choice for the newlywed who takes home entertainment very seriously. The theatre-quality sound offers expansive audio and allows the listener to feel every sound. A dream come true for any film buff worth their salt, the Sierra projects you into films and larger-than-life television shows. With the state-of-the-art sound technology, feel the impact of Hollywood’s best Science Fiction shows or experience every side-splitting laugh-out-loud scene, as if you’re on the film set.

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