Portable Digital Radio & Alarm Clock

The Majority Histon is a compact DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio that looks great on any bedside table or kitchen worktop. With a slim and modern design, the Histon offers a blend of quality and style with great features and can be made portable with the inclusion of 4 x AA batteries.


DAB+ & FM Radio

Simply tune in and begin listening to a wide variety of digital DAB, DAB+ and FM stations instantly with the Majority Histon. With so much to choose from, your radio experience will never be limited. The Histon also comes with a handy preset function so you can save and search your favourite stations with ease.

Radio on the Go

Designed with portability in mind, the Majority Histon is perfect for when you’re home and away. The Histon comes with both a mains adapter and a battery compartment so you can plug and play whilst tuning in at home or insert 4 x AA batteries and take the tunes with you on your travels. The compact size and light-weight design means the Histon can be easily packed-away in a suitcase or rucksack.



Model No.CB24-DAB-2
Dimensions18 x 11 x 6.5 cm
PowerDC 5V ~ 1A
Weight0.25 kg
Supported Filesn/a
AUX Inn/a
Headphone Jack3.5 mm
DAB174 – 240 MHz
FM87.5 – 108 MHz
ScreenMono LCD
Battery4 x AA

Where in the World?

Cambridge, UK is where it all started and where we still call home to this day. In honour of our hometown, all our radios in the Majority range are named after prominent places across the county.

“Histon and Impington are villages in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. […] Over the years the two villages have grown and entwined together, to such an extent that many villagers today do not know where one ends and the other begins…” 

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Majority Histon II DAB Radio

129 reviews for Histon

  1. Pam

    Very pleased with the radio. Easy to set up and good sound quality for a small radio.

  2. Keith

    Easy to use and good sound quality

  3. Keith Gaskell

    Good looking radio, looks expensive. Easy to set up, clear precise sound

  4. Amanda Seddon

    Works well perfect for my workroom. Really lightweight too.

  5. Dave

    Fantastic portable radio, perfect for my needs as I work away from home. Very easy to set up and you can be listening within 5 minutes of getting it out the box. Nicely designed too – very stylish!

  6. Graham

    Great compact radio ideal for what we wanted

  7. Wayne

    Great little radio which is indeed very portable, you can take it nearly anyway. Also it has plenty of volume if you need it.
    Setup was super quick and easy and I was listening to digital radio within minutes. Plus for a little radio I am very impressed with the sound quality.
    It also has a dimmer function on the screen. Meaning you can save extra power if you are running it on batteries which is very useful. To be honest I currently only run mine off the mains but it’s still nice to know the function is there if I want to use it.
    So far I am very happy with this unit.

  8. Laura Hearn

    Just as described. Great that its portable as well as mains operated.

  9. John Moore

    I’m very pleased

  10. Robin Wachlin

    Good quality, good sound, appears easy to operate and program

  11. Dr Vinod Kumar

    Very compact radio with good sound quality.

  12. Victoria Ledwidge

    Very pleased with purchase

  13. [email protected]

    Very cute little radio

  14. Adrian T Room

    Very good radio

  15. Pat

    Received as a gift and just what I wanted small compact and portable.

  16. Ant

    Nice looking and great sound from this radio. Also delivery Two days early.

  17. Trudi Hewitt

    Very pleased with it – just what I wanted

  18. Graham

    Fantastic radio easy set up but I really like the info of what is being played, wonderful.

  19. Graham

    Fantastic a great radio I do like the info on what is playing and by who, wonderful gadget.

  20. Kendra Quinn

    Compact, easy to set up and instructions are simple to follow.

  21. David Ward

    Does exactly what I need & was easier to set up than I expected.

  22. Jim Burnett

    Only received it today but very impressed so far.

  23. Linda Forsyth

    Great size and sound and very easy to use. Love it.

  24. A Borgogno

    Compact size, just what was needed with good sound

  25. Stephanie Marlow

    A really nice slimline radio. Very easy to use. Very pleased with it

  26. Andy Elley

    Nice and compact,good reception,and clear sound.

  27. Mr Jonathan Morris

    Really impressed with this. Great sound quality and easy to use.

  28. Fiona Clare


  29. Anonymous

    Quite impressed so far!

  30. David Bridger


  31. Mrs. Susan Carney

    Only received today. Loving the colour (rose) and the size is perfect for in the garden, or summerhouse. Sound is really good, however, I’ve yet to get to grips with the using of it. Just listening to one station at the moment. There’s a clock and date on it, but I haven’t tried accessing that just yet.

  32. Dave Wray

    its black

  33. Alan Taylor

    Perfect size for me. Now need time to ‘get to know’ radio features.

  34. Mark Kelly

    Great potable radio. Very happy with it

  35. John Stewart

    Easy to set up, good quality for its compact size.

  36. Martyn Day

    A compact high quality bedside radio that is easy to use with the benefit of no glaring overlit screen to keep you awake at night! A bargain price too!

  37. Karen Gray

    Excellent radio, nice tone, would recommend

  38. Peter Taylor

    Easy to set up

  39. Margaret Anne Ross

    Absolutely perfect !

  40. Anonymous

    Fab radio i choice pink easy to set up ,good sound would recommend

  41. Barry

    Really good sound quality from a small and light radio.

  42. George

    Well built, easy to use, date and time set out of the box and quick delivery. Would highly recommend.

  43. Caroline Hunter

    Excellent would recommend

  44. Bernard Keogh

    Very good reception with this radio.

  45. Andrew Watson

    Excellant desk side radio to fulfill a 12 hour shift at work….

  46. Lynn

    Just what I wanted for the bathroom , very easy setup

  47. David

    Loads of features on a light small radio. Excellent sound

  48. Anonymous


  49. Matthew Druce

    Amazing product. Colour, music sound and lots of radio stations

  50. Don

    Excellent radio and just what I was looking for. I would recommend it to anyone.

  51. Duncan Webster


  52. Anna

    Easy to set up, good price

  53. Andrew Brown

    Just what I was after at a reasonable price, sound quality is good for a small radio.

  54. John O’Mahony

    Very easy to set up. Sound quality could be slightly better but to be expected on DAB. Overall very pleased

  55. Michael Breasley

    An excellent compact radio.

  56. Ward Dear

    Excellent little radio

  57. Angie Phillips

    A lovely radio. I was unsure if it would look appropriate as a bedside clock/radio, but it is compact and remarkably stable. The portability is an added bonus.

  58. Ginnette Hargreaves

    A great radio. Right by my bed with a coffee to hand.
    Next week my work takes me into an office where I shall be working alone. I have inserted my batteries. With headphone, this will be coming to work with me.

  59. Louise Welby

    Excellent product, great sound just the right size for my flat & radio on in the morning with a cuppa before work. Superb

  60. Mrs Marjorie JOWITT

    What a great little radio, I originally bought it just for my bedside table, but have now ordered another one for the kitchen. Thank you.

  61. john nagy

    very impressed !

  62. Marcela Dockalova

    Nice radio

  63. Bella

    Great – perfecto! Just what I wanted!

  64. Penny Holmes

    Excellent product!

  65. A McFarlane

    Nice Compact DAB/DAB+ radio, nice sound. What more can you ask for.

  66. Anonymous

    Very happy with this radio. Alexa was playing up on the radio front and kept cutting out. I can now listen to Radio 4 without that frustration. I probably wouldn’t use it to listen to music channels, but really happy with it for the purpose I bought it for.

  67. Ian Smith

    great little radio with big sound

  68. Simon davis

    great little compact radio. Really good features,great sound,easy to use.

  69. Fleur Lakin

    Received this radio as a gift. Nice looking, good quality sound.

  70. neil

    great value for money

  71. Mark Staughton

    Great little radio, good sound, solid base and love the rose colour. Easy to set up with the automatic scanning function. This will be gifted to friends and family in the future.

  72. Phil Louden

    5 stars given for value for money. Great little radio and DAB is reasonably sensitive. Sound quality is ok but don’t expect hifi sound. Has some issues with battery life and really needs a permanent power supply (using the supplied 5V microUSB adapter) particularly if you want to use the alarm function.
    Unit draws about 75mA when switched on at half volume so even decent quality Alkaline AA batteries will only last about 25 hours. When in standby (just with time/date displayed and radio off), draw is still about 30mA so batteries will be dead in 3 days. When completely off (blank display) current is about 0.02mA but note that the alarm function does not work in this mode. If you need to use the alarm function, you probably should use the AC adapter.

  73. Tom goodyear

    Very good radio. Have to be careful to switch off completely as the display runs the batteries down very quickly.

  74. John Mehen

    Compact size and good sound quality sound. Clear instructions but the buttons and display might be difficult for those with poor eyesight.

  75. Phillip Wright

    a Christmas gift i’m very pleased with

  76. Mrs.Gina Whittle

    A lovely little radio.Easy to set up,even for an 83 year old!

  77. Sal Hillman

    Lovely slimline radio good tone and easy to tune in.

  78. DJ

    Great DAB slimline radio and also good reception considering my locaction.

  79. jenny

    Ordered yesterday arrived today! great slimline, light radio, easy to set up and in use already.

  80. Mark Stansell

    Only just started using this radio but so far very easy to use and seems good.

  81. Martin Phillips

    Absolutely simple to set up, didn’t even look at the instructions !

  82. Debra Thoms

    Very simple to use and set up. Love it!

  83. Natalie

    Fab can’t fault it absolutely love it !!

  84. Robert

    Nice product and easy to use.

  85. Anonymous

    This was a gift. Intended for use in greenhouse. Set up instructions could be improved but once set up was easy to use.

  86. Michelle W.

    Good product and easy to use. No problems so far!

  87. Anonymous

    Not used much so far but seems a very good small radio to walk about the house with.

  88. Alex Murphy

    Great radio and easy to use

  89. Gordon Stone

    Good so far

  90. Nick

    received as a gift, GOOD SOUND QUALITY easy to use, I can recomend this

  91. Carolyn Bruce-Spencer

    Received as a Christmas present from my son. This is a super radio. Really delighted!

  92. Robert Carlton

    Easy DAB tuning

  93. Hilarie

    Really pleased with it- good sound

  94. Chrstine

    Great sound and very compact.
    Easy use and very portable.

  95. A J Read

    I asked for a Histon Radio for one reason.
    The radio was smaller than expected but it delivered on sound, punching well above its weight. It scanned the stations without me and I have only been using it for a day but it does everything I want from a radio. I am still amazed at the sound quality from such a small radio

  96. Stella Loterijman

    Great Radio! Impressed so bought another to take outside while gardening

  97. Tod

    It’s only 24 hours old, but so far I am absolutely delighted with it. It took me a few hours to set it up the way I wanted and it has proved that if i can do it anyone can!

  98. Tricia

    Great little radio which was bought for our 11 year old

  99. O.H.

    Great little radio, great customer service, initial one became faulty and quickly replaced under warrenty – no fuss.

  100. Julia

    Lovely little radio, Chrystal clear sound, easy to use. Brilliant!

  101. Paul Hodgson

    Just received as a gift – First impressions, very pleased!!!

  102. Imogen Powell

    Excellent radio very pleased with the quality, sound is very clear.

  103. Joeluc

    Very easy to set up for my father.

  104. A H Cooper

    good neat & compact radio,
    sound is clear & and is good quality

  105. Tony Saunders

    Compact, reasonable sound for its size, easy to tune, good radio for the price

  106. Graham

    Excellent little radio. Easy set up for DAB+ stations. Good sound on FM also.

  107. Peter Gray

    good radio for the price. Good sound and easy to use.

  108. Anonymous

    Brilliant sound, compact design. Very stylish!

  109. Anthony Chamberlain

    Great little radio, does exactly what I brought it for.

  110. Mr Neil W Richardson

    great value. good sound quality for a small portable

  111. neil

    great sound for such a little radio

  112. Trevor Smith

    Excellent product ! Looks good but what is most important SOUNDS GOOD

  113. Anthony

    Sounds good for its size. Very easy to set up.

  114. Linda Carroll

    So excited to receive this as a prize. Easy instructions making it a doddle to use.

  115. Sc

    Great radio for price. Sounds good, easy to use.

  116. ronald gerrard

    great looking product exactly what i wanted

  117. james clark

    realy good

  118. Lynne C

    Fabulous little radio. Really good reception, loads of stations and excellent sound. Would definitely recommend this radio. The digital read out is great, giving you information on what song is being played and by who.

  119. michael flack

    excellent little radio , great sound.

  120. Mary

    Couldn’t get our favourite channel on our existing DAB radio because it had changed frequency & needed DAB+. Just wanted something not too expensive. We were very impressed with the ease of use, & most of all the excellent sound quality for such a small radio.

  121. Anthony balch

    Good product

  122. James Waldron

    Compact, easy to operate ideal in kitchen

  123. Emmanuel Aspinall

    Pleased with product, good value, difficult to store stations using enter button

  124. Michael Walton

    So far so good only had for a day but it seems fab

  125. C.Griffiths

    Difficult to programme but works well.

  126. Susan Baker

    OK. Splendid gift from grandson

  127. Anonymous

    Not particularly user friendly to programme, but once done fits the bill.

  128. gill robson

    nice small dab radio

  129. jan morgans

    i found it a bit complicated at first to programme but that is surprising, once i got into it , it became easy

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