Bluetooth Soundbar with HDMI Arc.

Best Soundbar under $150

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2.1 Speaker

The USA’s best seller. Looking for a Soundbar in the UK or Europe? Take a look at the Snowdon Soundbar.

Delivering supreme sound, the Majority Teton 2.1 Soundbar, the best soundbar in our USA range, is an amazing upgrade from television audio. With an impressive 2.1ch speaker that includes a built-in subwoofer, the Teton provides an audio experience that cannot be provided alone from your television. Plug and play from your media devices via the USB, AUX or Bluetooth connections and tailor your audio to create a sound quality that makes any room feel cinematic.

Encounter a high-quality audio experience with the Teton 2.1 channel Bluetooth soundbar. Connect an HDMI cable to enjoy the convenience of using just one remote to control the settings for both your TV, your Teton soundbar, and other ARC enabled devices. The new and improved HDMI ARC connection creates an audio experience like no other and brings your movies and music to life.

Bluetooth & Connectivity​

The Teton includes a range of ports and features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you can immerse yourself in a spectrum of sound and enjoy your favourite songs from any phone or Bluetooth device. Alternatively, you can connect your device via the AUX or USB ports and play music directly from a memory stick or MP3 player.



Model No. 1000000408
Dimensions 81.2 x 9.6 x 10.2 cm
Power DC 18V 𝌂 1.5A
Weight 1.5 kg
Speakers Stereo
AUX 3.5 mm
RCA 3.5 mm

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