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Amazon Customer | 23 May 2020

“…Looking for a simple soundbar with an optical input, which is not as easy as you think. This little baby was the solution!”


Andrew | 11 Sep 2020

“Majority Homerton is the last radio I will buy. An excellent product that has everything.”


lg-mi | 29 Oct 2018

 “Sound on this little DAB radio is amazing. It sounds more than the price, sound is warm with mod-range tones and deep bass.”

“Received a Eversden Digital Shower Radio as a gift. Excellent quality sound and really good features – really useful to have bluetooth as well. The reception in my shower room was an issue with my previous radio, but this one tunes really easily and maintains strong reception. In addition as it’s re-chargeable, it doesn’t eat batteries.”


TrustPilot Reviewer