Our Vision.

We first learn to turn our heads towards sound when we are just 16 weeks old. Vibration sensitivity is found in even the most primitive life forms – even bacteria. Woven throughout our history, our culture, and our daily lives, in the form of music, theatre, stories, radio, film, or speech, sound connects us.


Our Mission

We at Majority are dedicated to making quality, easy-to-use home audio products for all occasions. We are protective of the environment and planet we rely on. We are mindful to operate our company in an ethical and ecological manner for the next generation.


Our Vision

Our goal is simple: to continue connecting the world with quality audio, with a Majority device in every home. We aim to become the World’s First Carbon Neutral Audio Brand, supporting the people and causes we meet along the way. 


Trust ∙ Loyalty ∙ Reliability
We’re optimistic about our future together. We do good deeds together. Together we respect, trust, and rely on one another. Most importantly, together, we take responsibility for the world we are a part of, and the world we help to build.


Truth ∙ Honesty ∙ Humility
The world is changing, and people want to see transparency from companies, especially when it comes to looking after the planet. To us, transparency means being honest and open about our products, our business practices, and our aims.


Integrity ∙ Respect ∙ Responsibility
We believe in creating a home that’s welcoming, a home that’s safe, and a home that’s inclusive of people from all walks of life – not just for our customers, but for the planet that we all call home.


Love ∙ Kindness ∙ Compassion
People are what makes us who we are. From our team members to our customers, we put people first in all we do. Whether it’s celebrating our team members individuality or designing our products to answer our customers needs and delivering the best aftercare possible, we believe taking care of the wider Majority team is the most important thing.  


Our Values

What matters to our team is what matters to our brand: our values are our people’s values. We strive every day to build a business that reflects the values of the people who make it happen.


Our Story

Majority began in 2012 as a classic start-up story: two guys, one garage, and an idea. Take our founders, PJ and Eddie, throw in a few buckets of energy, a warehouse worth of open-mindedness and a living room crammed with ambition. Top that off with plenty of the nation’s favourite fuel (tea of course) and you have Majority. Since founding, we’ve grown from two guys working out of a living room to a team of over 40 – with offices across the UK.

“…I’m focused on the business growing – But I want to do it the right way. I don’t want it to cheat people, or be successful due to someone or something else’s misfortune – I want it to grow up supporting the people and things it crosses along the way so we [the Majority team] can all be proud of what it’s become…”

Eddie Latham | Founder


Our Team

Conformity isn’t part of our DNA – we at Majority are a team of disruptors. Always on the lookout for ways to shake up the home audio market. We’re a team of diverse individuals with one shared goal: bringing people together through sound.


Plant a tree with Majority

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and becoming a climate positive workforce, we launched our ‘Plant a tree with Majority’ initiative in 2020. For every product sold or newsletter subscription, we’ll plant a tree with the help of Ecologi – an organisation dedicated to climate projects and reducing carbon pollution by working with the public, and organisations like ours, directly involved in delivering solutions to climate change.
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Trees planted so far

Funding the Future 

We want to see a greener future so our founders PJ and Eddie are Carbon Offsetting to fund solutions to combat global climate change. By contributing towards reducing carbon emissions, we’re helping towards reforestation, biodiversity and health improvement.  

Waste Reduction

To reduce waste, our packaging is now 100% recyclable and is made using eco-friendly inks. We also keep our paper waste to a minimal by (where possible) holding meetings over videocall and sharing documents online.

Cycling to Work 

We support our team members getting out of their cars and onto a bicycle by participating in Cyclescheme’s cycle to work scheme. Cyclescheme spreads the cost of a new bike and accessories and saves our employees 25-39%, plus minimising their carbon footprint.


Our team is dedicated to supporting the local community by volunteering our time and effort to create a greener environment. Some of the projects include litter picks and river clean ups. Helping to make the local areas safer for wildlife and water quality healthier for humans.  


Our Footprint

On our journey to becoming the first carbon-neutral audio brand in the world, we are making big changes here at Majority. 


Giving Back

At Majority, giving back is built into our culture. Our diverse team is passionate about raising valuable funds for the charitable and community causes we believe in. As a company we support and encourage these passions and have provided support for various causes, both in our local community and further afield.

Laptop Drive

With 2020 becoming the year of the lockdown, access to a computer became less of a privilege and more of a necessity as our lives moved online. That’s why we decided to support a local cause, donating our old laptops and computer equipment to students and young people in need of equipment – enabling them to work remotely.
London Marathon

London Marathon

Our own director and co-founder, Eddie, fundraised £400 for Cambridge based mental health charity The Cogwheel Trust after running the Virgin Money London Marathon in just 2 hours, 50 minutes and 21 seconds in 2019.
London to Paris Bike Ride

London to Paris Bike Ride

In the baking hot summer of 2019 some of the team took part in a charity bike ride from London to Paris, raising money for Jimmy’s Night Shelter in Cambridge. The cycle took four days from start to finish and the team covered around 85 miles a day!

Backed by Majority

Through our ‘Backed by Majority’ initiative we are sponsoring local grassroots sports teams and community causes with funding for whatever they might need, from kits to clubhouses. From the Leeds Beckett University Rugby team to the Under-8s Histon Hornets football club, we’re supporting teams across the UK.

Give Back Friday

Black Friday is a big part of the festive period, but for many, the Christmas period can be one of the hardest times of the year. That’s why we started the ‘Give Back Friday’ initiative – to help feed underprivileged children by donating a meal for every product sold over the Black Friday weekend. In our first year of running ‘Give Back Friday’ we donated nearly 6,000 days’ worth of food – enough to feed one person for 16 years.

Radio Donation

Since Majority was born in 2014, we’ve been supporting charities that help isolated and vulnerable groups by donating radios to provide people with a window to the world. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve extended this initiative by donating radios to care homes in the local area, and working with local housing charity, CHS Group, to donate gifts to vulnerable young people who are celebrating milestone birthdays while in isolation.


Our Future

Majority will continue our commitment to bringing high-quality audio products to a wider audience in a way that benefits the world around us. Our plan is to continually improve our manufacturing processes and what goes into making Majority products, in an effort to help our environment. 

In many cases we are already using recyclable materials in our products and packaging, but we always aim to do more. We hope one day that every home can enjoy the gift of sound through what we do here at Majority – we plan to make this a reality through expansion into new markets and retail environments, and by cultivating a reputation as the very best home audio brand.