Digital & Internet Radio Hi-Fi Tuner

Connect your Hi-Fi or speaker system to the Majority Fitzwilliam and enjoy a whole host of incredible features like never before. The Fitzwilliam comes complete with DAB/DAB+ digital, internet and FM radio so you can tune in to all your favourite local and global stations. You can also stream your own music and playlists via the built-in Bluetooth and Spotify Connect functions.


DAB+ | Internet | FM Radio

Tune into all your favourite local stations with the Majority Fitzwilliam’s DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio functionality or connect the Fitzwilliam to your WiFi and enjoy thousands of songs and stations from anywhere in the world. The Fitzwilliam also comes with over 150 presets and the option to add even more stations for a greater listening experience.

Bluetooth | Spotify | Connect

The Fitzwilliam includes a range of ports and features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, UPnP or built-in Spotify Connect (account required), you can immerse yourself in a spectrum of sound and enjoy your favourite songs from any phone or Bluetooth device. Alternatively, you can connect your device via the AUX or USB ports and play music directly from a memory stick or MP3 player.



Model No.FTZ-ADT
Dimensions43.5 x 7.4 x 29.7 cm
Power100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Weight2.8 kg
Supported FilesMP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC+
Headphone Jack3.5 mm
AUX In & Out3.5 mm
DAB174 – 240 MHz
FM87.5 – 108 MHz
ScreenColour LCD

Where in the World?

Cambridge, UK is where it all started and where we still call home to this day. In honour of our hometown, all our internet radios in the Majority range are named after colleges from the prestigious local university.

Fitzwilliam College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, England. The college traces its origins back to 1869 and the foundation of the Non-Collegiate Students Board…”

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Majority Fitzwilliam Internet Digital Radio Adapter

105 reviews for Fitzwilliam

  1. chris palmer

    Good quality sound

  2. Anonymous

    nice design and very functional

  3. Mr Michael Williams

    Outstanding. Setup was simple and appreciative of the optical output to get a clean sound. And what a sound. After listing to a range of devices over the years I’ve been astonished by the clarity and depth of the sound. No more muffed tunes which sound flat – not with this.

    And the range of stations has improved on the internet, Getting through the menu to find the lists is simple and it doesn’t take to long finding something interesting.

    Honestly, the sound is amazing. At any price. Very happy.

  4. Horatio Rooke

    Great all in one tuner

  5. Adrian Cromey

    Very stylish DAB Radio, easy to use, gives a wide range of radio stations, fast delivery from suppliers.

  6. Ranjeet Singh

    Top all the BEST

  7. Nigel Thompson

    Needed a DAB & Internet radio tuner to link to our Bose system, the Majority Fitzwilliam 2 has a great specification at a keen price. Set up and programming of stations is easy, the manufacturing quality of the item is excellent. Highly recommended

  8. Jenak

    Having updated my ‘small’ HiFi with Robinson adapter a few days ago (and loving the results) I decided to get the Fitzwilliam for my ‘main’ stack, replacing an old Sony FM/AM tuner. I love the sound & the new features (using DAB and internet radios on both).

  9. Sempron 26

    Jestem z Polski,tuner dab spełnia moje oczekiwania.Duza czułość radia dab+,dobry odbiór stacji dab w odległości 85 kilometrów z nadajnika o 1W wzmocnieniu sygnalu

  10. Winfried Stütz

    Beste Qualität zu einem fairen Preis

  11. Martin

    Dostal jsem jej jako darek a je to uzasna vec. Cela rodina si jej uzivame.

  12. Thed van Kempen

    Top! For a fancy price

  13. Roland Botterman

    Zeer goed

  14. Andreas Gortvai

    Received the device yesterday.
    The setup was easy and straight forward.
    The local wireless network was immediately found, after entering the password connection was established within a few seconds.
    Connecting to the existing hifi system was easy, the audio sound quality is as good as with other connected components.
    The menu structure is understandable, easy to deal with.
    Up till now I used the internet radio most of the time, as said before, it has goos audio quality.
    I can recommend this device.

  15. Richard

    Utilisation aisée. Très bonne qualité avec les radios internet

  16. Roberto Cangioli

    Sono già 8 mesi che lo utilizzo, è un prodotto qualitativamente valido e semplcie da utilizzare. L’unica pecca che ho riscontrato al momento è che non supporta i flac a 24bit/96 Khz.

  17. Rob Rose-Round

    Having become increasingly disillusioned with the apparently falling quality of BBC FM transmissions, I decided to buy this unit to stream my radio ftom the internet. So far, I’m impressed, easy to use and the BBC 320kbs AAC internet streams are better quality than both FM and DAB!

  18. Chris

    I’m well pleased with this purchase. My ancient Logik IRMA1 Internet Radio Receiver had recently developed a fault on one channel. Its amazing the difference in sound quality with using this replacement Majority receiver. Technology has moved on. I had intended to keep my Sony FM receiver but this receiver sounds good and I like the display showing RDS track/station information, so think I shall just use the Majority for all reception.

  19. vincenzo matola

    ottimo sintonizzatore materiali ottimi suono molto fedele facile l utilizzo

  20. Paolo

    Simply perfect.
    I was fascinated by its sound from the first listening.
    I suggest trying its quality by connecting it to the HiFi system with optical cable and listening to Audiophile Baroque ( The best to relax at any time.

  21. Koen

    Zeer goede radio, alleen laat de dab ontvangst te wensen over

  22. David Albone

    Bought this unit to replace my faulty Tibo tuner and wow what a difference! Set up very easy. Internet connection a breeze using the WPS button on my BT Hub. Finding and saving stations to presets very easy and recalling them the same. Spotify access set up also easy and connection to my phone via Bluetooth similar. I can now listen to any radio I want, my entire music collection from Google Play Music in addition to my more traditional CD and vinyl collection. The sound is good though the DAB signal on some stations isn’t good on the inbuilt antenna. I have an external one though that I just need to attach. However given the quality and choice of the Internet radio really not too much of a problem! All in all highly recommended and great it’s a British audio company to go with my Cambridge audio amp!

  23. mario

    eccellente se si usa lo schermo dello smartphone per il controllo remoto –
    – suono ottimo se il collegamento HIFI aviiene con cavo ottico
    – telecomando non funziona dopo tre giorni… ma sarà un caso, la qualità è ottima

  24. Roland Graf

    Ich verwende die optische digitale Musikübertragung zw. Fitzwilliam und meinem Endverstärker. Perfekt danke das hier auch diese Möglichkeit zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Internetradio funktioniert perfekt.

  25. Szepanek

    Sehr schönes Teil mit übersichtlicher Menüführung und gutem Empfang. Praktisch sind die vorhandenen Aus- bzw. Eingänge.
    Preis/Leistung bestens.

  26. Chris Artist

    Item works perfectly and sound is crystal clear. Looking forward to discovering the additional features.

  27. Christian Kedzierski

    Excellent rapport qualité/prix/fonctions

  28. Raymond Midgley

    My Denon 720ae stopped my internet stations. Had to join VTuner, no VTuner on the un it. Wrote to Sound Direct, no help. Thrown in the dustbin.
    Bought the Majority Fitzwilliam and everytrhing is perfect (still trying to get the clock to realise we are in the UK.).
    Excellent search for stations, no problem with using the menu. Thanks for getting us back with the world of music.

  29. Dieter

    Habe lange gesucht.
    Dieser Tuner ist sehr vielfältig und gut.

  30. Ulrich Eisenhardt

    Leider kann ich die UKW – Antenne nicht gebrauchen.
    Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei und alle Internetsender klingen toll!

  31. Dirk Dinnewet

    Indeed easy to setup. I like the multitude of sources ( DAB+ , Spotify etc ..)
    Sound is OK, but when time permits I’ll connect it to my DAC to compare the sound quality. Remote is of good quality and pretty intuitive. All in all pretty satisfied. Price is also attractive; Happy customer.

  32. Peter Stachura

    Exzellente Ergänzung der HiFi Anlage. Internetradio, DAB Radio, USB und Netzwerkkonektivität funktionieren einwandfrei.
    Der sehr guter Klang und sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis bestätigen nur meine vor eine Woche getroffene Kaufentscheidung.

  33. Paul Bialek


  34. Markus R.

    Schöner Tuner, passt gut zur alten Anlage. Ordentlicher Klang und gut zu bedienen.

  35. Rob KORNER

    easy set up plug and play

  36. David Owen

    Absolutely delighted with the Fitzwilliam. Easy to set up and control via Undok App. Stunning sound quality on DAB, FM, Internet Radio and Spotify. Outstanding performance and exceptional value for money

  37. Michael

    Das Gerät ist erst ein paar Tage in Benutzung. Nach einer relativ einfachen Einrichtung funktioniert es bis jetzt wunderbar.

  38. Omar

    Very easy setup, connected to my network without a hitch. Excellent DAB reception with minimum extension of Antenna. Connected to Spotify through my iPad with no hassle.
    Great sound quality and stylish slim design.

  39. Claude

    It’s really nice to choose which radio station in the world best suits our musical tastes

  40. Martin

    Great manual leads you through easy set up. Internet radio, bluetooth to your phone or tab, good DAB reception and FM. All with great clarity.

  41. Gerarf

    Uitstekend apparaat, eenvoudige bediening, zeer tevreden.

  42. Robbie Atkin

    easy set up plug and play

  43. Rainer Renfordt

    Gerät entspricht exakt der Beschreibung. Installation war reibungslos. DAB/DAB+ Empfang sehr gut.
    Bedienung sehr gut.

  44. Maurizio


  45. Andrew

    superb,no geographic restrictions on internet radio

  46. Gilles

    Produit super!!
    ne pas hésiter, application smartphone pour le controle, marche super en wifi, bluetooth ok!!!

  47. Barry R.

    Brilliant piece of kit, excellent radio. Integrates well with apps for smart radios.

  48. Galoppo Gennaro

    Fitzwilliamm è un ottimo prodotto ,una buona qualità audio e una buona sensibilità di recezione,qualità prezzo ottimo.

  49. Helmut

    macht was es soll. Aber vorsicht beim Auspacken, das Netzteil fällt heraus! Eine Anschlussmöglichkeit für eine Aussenantenne wäre gut.

  50. Helmut Burkard

    Bis jetzt sehr zufrieden. Ich warte die Langzeitbewertung ab. Hatte mit Technisat sehr schlechte Erfahrungen mit einem ähnlichen Gerät.

  51. Acky

    Hat alles was man heute braucht. Preis-leistung super

  52. Matthias

    Für den Preis super.
    Macht bisher alles was es soll.
    Anleitung könnte etwas besser übersetzt sein.
    Um die Stabantenne abzuschrauben (UKW und DAB+) braucht man sehr kleine Finger.
    Könnte aus stromlos etwas schneller booten. gefühlt 20-30 sec.

  53. Stanislav Malankevič

    Super produkt. Perfect sound in combination with Denon recivier.

  54. Reinhard Schuster

    Klasse Gerät! Funktioniert schnell und gut. Sieht gut aus! Im Vergleich zu Geräten die das doppelte kosten ein Super Angebot! Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen und mir das Suchen nach Alternativen sparen!

  55. clan

    for me perfect combinatet with heimkino system

  56. Nicolo Romano

    Certo l’apparecchio non si può definire un Hi-end ,ma fa quello che promette. Dà un tocco di modernizzazione agli impianti hifi vintage. Ero preoccupato per la qualità del suono per via di alcune recensioni negative, che fortunatamente non ho riscontrato. Provato con un tuner Pioneer e altra radio DAB non ho riscontrato differenze sostanziali,ha la funzione di regolare sia i bassi che alti secondo i propri gusti .La memorizzazione delle stazioni è un po’ macchinosa ma si fa una sola volta e a questo prezzo ci si può accontentare. La connettività e le uscite: ottica, rca e coaxiale lo rendono molto versatile. Per chi ama l’ascolto della radio apprezzerà le numerose stazioni a cui si può accedere. Per questa fascia di prezzo non si può chiedere di più.

  57. Anonymous

    Good product

  58. herberto

    Ich habe mir den Majority Fitzwilliam 2 HiFi-Tuner als ergänzenden Baustein für die Stereoanlage gekauft mit Nutzungsschwerpunkt Internetradio.
    Das Gerät wirkt auf mich optisch sehr gefällig und ordentlich verarbeitet.
    Meine Eindrücke nach 10 Tagen täglich mehrstündiger Nutzung:
    Das Bedienkonzept ist klar strukturiert. Die Fernbedienung ist klein und leicht, aber nicht „fimmelig“, die verfügbare UNDOK-App erleichtert die Bedienung zusätzlich, speziell wenn man Sendernamen zwecks Suche manuell eingeben oder Informationen zum gerade laufenden Titel aus der Distanz per Smartphone lesen möchte.
    Ich habe sämtliche Funktionen des Gerätes durchprobiert und bisher keinerlei Probleme festgestellt. Der Klang ist in allen Modi bereits in den Standardeinstellungen einwandfrei.
    Das Internetradio funktioniert über WLAN unterbrechungsfrei trotz ungünstiger Positionierung des Geräts zur FritzBox bei nur ca. 10% – 15% ankommender Signalstärke.
    Mein – vorläufiges – Fazit: Gutes Design, einfache Bedienung, günstiger Preis.
    Falls längerfristig keine Probleme auftauchen, halte ich das Gerät für eine wirklich gute Wahl.

  59. Rob

    Good product, decent price

  60. Andy Pickering

    This a good bit of kit for the price, i’ve always bought brand name hi-fi equipment before such as Sony and Denon so I am very impressed with this piece of kit. It was very easy to set up and the wifi works very well

  61. Amino

    So my trusty Pure DAB tuner finally gave up. I knew it wouldnt be economical to have it repaired so I started looking for a replacement unit, one that had Interne radio if I could afford it.
    Low and behold I stumbled on a couple of units but the Majority was the cheapest and had descent reviews.
    It arrived today and after a quick setup I was back on the waves. Man to be able to connect and listen to Radio Nula, Meuh and Fip without needing to connect my phone to my bluetooth aux receiver is such a bonus.
    Absolutely love it! Ill set up Spotify next.

  62. Gerald Whitelaw

    Very good

  63. Drew Wilson

    It’s hard to believe this item cost so little compared to other brands. It has every feature I would want. It’s built well and setting it up was a breeze. Instant connect to my home Wifi. DAB and FM stations easy enough to tune in. Haven’t used the Bluetooth feature as yet. Amazing bit of kit.

  64. Eric

    Un superbe appareil s’intégrant bien dans une chaine hifi, excellente connectique, très pratique et intuitif, branché en sortie optique sur un DAC et le son est top.

  65. gianni

    Ottimo prodotto a costo davvero basso

  66. RA De Jong

    Very Good! I love iT

  67. Michael

    Very good Radio. For this Price unbelaivable

  68. David Frost

    great product for a very reasonable price, reccomended

  69. Miss Jan Longworth

    This DAB/Internet radio was purchased as I wanted to access internet radio as well as DAB. I am not disappointed. It connected easily to my home WiFi and now I am able to access radio stations across the world in perfect clarity. I am absolutely delighted with it. There are similar products available from other manufacturers but in terms of build quality , performance and price this majority unit is perfect in my opinion. You won’t be disappointed

  70. Rick Kramer

    WOW Superb value,sounds amazing,BUY now

  71. Fred Schreiber

    Sehr gutes Teil mit vielen Anschussmöglichkeiten. Ich bin auf den ersten Eindruck sehr zufrieden. nur eine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung sollte schon bei liegen. muss man sich runterladenund dann ausdrucken. Die Ersteinrichtung funktionierte eigendlich ganz easy. Also ich bin sehr zufrieden und bereue den Kauf keineswegs. Klare Kaufempfehlung.

  72. Ede

    Top Gerät bei günstigem Preis. Intuitiv zu bedienen.

  73. Carl Drury-Hemsworth

    Really like this product, connected to my TV, tablet and phone no problem. The I ternet radio and DAB are fantastic. Lots of input and outputs, Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, does everything I hoped for.

  74. Renata

    Excellent product, combines many useful and interesting features, works very well with my old Siemens amplifier

  75. Keith Lovett

    Easy to setup and use

  76. Tracy Weaving

    Great product easy to use and connect. Works brilliantly with my 80s Technics System.

  77. David Matthews

    Brilliant product – a dream to set up, and sound quality is amazing – I wanted it primarily as a DAB, but my wife is now lsiteing to Spotify out of our seperates sytem, which is a much better sound than our old kitchen radio !!

  78. Navin

    Very good product and its functions.

  79. Gérard

    Very good tuner, very beautifull look and great sound

  80. Paul

    Great device, all in one, radio, dab, internet radio, spotify connect, bluetooth, … Setup is just a breeze, sounds great, love the presets. Excellent price / quality.

  81. Gernot Homes

    Price/performance ratio very good. Processing, operability and sound very good. Use the device mainly in the LAN for Internet radio and Spotify.

  82. Patrick Haley

    Bought to upgrade Sony AM/FM tuner in stack HiFi system. DAB and Internet radio provide much enhanced clarity of reception and Spotufy connect is a great bonus Excellent value for money compared to alternative brands.

  83. Jose Angel

    El producto cumple con las expectativas, facil manejo y buena audición es una buena compra.

  84. Mark Painter

    Very good value with loads of features. Only one minor criticism, and that is that the FM presets are labeled by their FM Frequency, and not the station name.
    Other than that it is a great product.

  85. Gerald Zierer

    good buy-
    recommendable product, easy to setup and install with broad functionality and very good sound. i am happy with it.

  86. Libor Hasal

    Best product, low price

  87. fccnico

    Bin begeistert!

  88. salvatore malacasa

    bon produit pour tutte le funtionalite.
    la telecommanda tre fragile

  89. Brian Butler

    Wonderful radio, DAB,FM,bluetooth and internet at a really great price. Easy to set up and use. I have mine set up as a radio tuner in my hi-fi system great reception on internet and I tend to use that facility. But DAB is reasonable given my signal strength. Not tried FM and bluetooth . Real bargain

  90. Paul Costerton

    I have only just received it – however it was very simple to set up – as to how good it will be only time will tell!!

  91. Robert Barker

    A Cracking Bit of Kit for most, except perhaps the most conscientious audiophile?

  92. Stefan Fröhlich

    Ein Gerät, das tut, was es soll, zu einem unschlagbar günstigen Preis.

  93. Peter Bartlett

    A fantastic product.

  94. Barry Sumner

    I purchased the Fitzwilliam primarily as an Internet radio. Build quality seems good although the two rotary knobs bind slightly on the front panel but I can live with that as I mainly use the remote control.
    The DAB and FM bands work well, the Internet radio is capable of full bodied sound albeit the line out sounds harsh to my ears and a tad lacking of top end. I have it connected to the fibre O/P using a £11 NeoTeck 192KHz DAC (EBay) that delivers much improved sound…..I would recommend this to get the best out of the unit. It’s amazing how the sound quality varies between Internet radio stations, try Radio Paradise that streams @ 320 in AAC to see just how good it is.

    The USB playback has lack lustre audio performance. Navigation is clunky and convoluted, thank goodness for the favourites button on the remote. The remote volume control adjusts the line and fibre output levels which is very convenient. Note the advertising doesn’t actually make it clear the unit only have line level output so you need an external amplifier or self-powered amplified speakers.

    I would recommend the Fitzwilliam.

  95. Alan polkey

    Excellent tuner easy to set up, performs very well, iam very pleased I chose this unit… mr A polkey..merseyside..

  96. Guzzi T. (Germany)

    This tuner is very well made and fits perfectly with my old 80’s-TECHNICS hi-fi components.
    The setup was very easy and done in about 10 minutes.
    All functions work well, I am extremely satisfied with this great device!
    – Thank you!

  97. Dave Hitchen

    Easy setup, lots of features, good quality sound. I’m using this through a Sony es2400 amplifier and Mourdant Short speakers and it sounds excellent! This is a real bargain at this price. Highly recommended!

  98. Bob Green

    This Majority Fitzwilliam unit replaces a Denon unit and is a far far better piece of kit, easy to set up ,brilliant reception very smart, very good price good after sales, what a great unit. Go on treat yourself to something you will not regret I am very pleased with my purchase, thank you.

  99. Adam Wheeler

    Really easy to set up , took about 5 minutes , instructions are clear and it seems well made , fits nicely into my seperates system and doesnt look out of place .
    would highly recommend

  100. MoominFace

    Had a Grace Digital Primo for years. Kept dropping the signal throughout the day/night no matter how close it was to our wifi router.
    Bought this, hasn’t dropped the signal at all:)

  101. Steve Hannan

    The display is easy, clear and intuitive. I especially like the volume option, which controls the radio’s volume, independent from your main Hi-Fi system.
    The pre-configured station categories (genres) are good and extensive. The unit is feature-rich, the physical connection options are great (optical out, Coaxial out and RCA out) and should cover all bases regarding connectivity & integration into your existing Hi-Fi system. I haven’t fully tried all the features: DAB is of no use to me as it is not available where we live, so I cannot comment on this feature. Bluetooth works flawlessly. FM reception is good – the attached telescopic antenna works well.
    There is an equalizer setting option – nice!
    The advertised product photos don’t clearly show the supplied antennas (FM, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) and I can confirm that these are supplied. Batteries are also supplied (included) for the remote. It’s these little extra touches, the array of outputs, and versatility, that make this an awesome purchase. I downloaded the UNDOK android app, used as a full featured radio interface controller, and it works extremely well. I am very happy with my money well spent.

  102. Glenn Egan

    Brilliant product. Very well made and excellent value for money.

  103. Carsten Schwanitz

    Installation was very easy. Works great ! Very good product !

  104. Bruce Dyer

    Had it about an hour. love it

  105. Hilary Calvert

    I have had an Arcam DT26 DAB tuner for many years – definitely a high-end model. It finally died and I was looking for a second-hand quality tuner on Ebay when I cam across the Majority Fitzwilliam. Having been to Cambridge University the name appealed and the reviews on Amazon were ecstatic. I was a bit nervous that I could not find detailed technical data (bit rates, type of DAC etc) but the price was about the same as second-hand DAB tuners which did not have the extra facility of internet radio and Bluetooth. The setup was ridiculously easy – it immediately found all the DAB stations although the signal is weak in my area and I had also forgotten to extend the aerial. Because I didn’t know the specification of the internal DAC I connected via the coaxial digital output to my Meriden controller. The result is fantastic – a much clearer, better defined, inspirational sound coming through my Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers with Gradient Subwoofers. Much better than the Arcam. I haven’t checked out the Internet radio and other features yet, but I am confident that they will be good. This is clearly a very professionally designed product and I love the fact that every conceivable input and output method is available (wired and wireless internet, digital optical and coaxial as well as analogue, etc) making it easy to integrate into an existing HiFi system.

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