Majority expands to record players with the Majority Moto 2.0 Bluetooth Turntable

With a sleek design, precision tonearm, and user-friendly controls, this turntable is where style meets function for home entertainment.

Majority, a leading innovator of home audio technology are thrilled to announce the launch of the Majority Moto 2.0 Bluetooth Turntable, their debut turntable.

Blending nostalgic physical media with transformative 5.3 Bluetooth Technology and inbuilt 2.0 speakers, the Majority Moto Turntable delivers rich sound for a room-filling audio experience. Perfectly complemented by the exceptional sound reproduction of the Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, the Majority Moto ensures a superior listening experience for both classic and new vinyl releases.

Equipped with 2.0 channel for powerful sound, this versatile record player not only allows you to immerse yourself in the timeless warmth of vinyl, but users can also capture tracks directly to USB and AUX.

Complete with a precision-engineered dampening platter and feet minimize vibrations, the Majority Moto provides a stable foundation for your vinyl records and delivers a distortion-free sound experience. Additionally, the Majority-branded slip mat for smooth rotation and reduced friction, enhances the overall performance.

Majority Moto Turntable is now available on Amazon for £79.95/€99.95