Majority introduces three new DAB+ radios

Majority, a pioneer in home audio technology has unveiled three new additions to their signature DAB+ radio range: Majority Knapwell Bedside Bluetooth DAB+ Radio, Majority Knapton Bedside Bluetooth DAB+ Radio & Majority Orwell Portable Bluetooth DAB+ Radio.

Majority Knapton Bedside Bluetooth DAB+ Radio Alarm Clock

The morning wake-up that every sleepyhead needs, the Knapton delivers DAB+ Radio and Bluetooth connectivity to kick off your day in style. Additionally, on hand to cater to modern needs, our bedside radio features both wireless and USB charging to start your day with a bang!

Introducing the stylish device your bedside is craving, the Majority Knapton! Kicking off your day in musical style, the Majority Knapton offers Bluetooth pairing to stream your preferred audio content from smartphones and other devices instantly, Alternatively, tune into the best of DAB+ & FM radio and wake up to anything from Classical FM to 80s Rock!

Prepared to help listeners start their day off productively, the Majority Knapton features wireless and USB charging to take your phone from 0 to 100% in 3-4 hours- both features can be used simultaneously.

Half asleep? With large screen display with dimmable lights, our clock radio ensures easy readability from anywhere in your bedroom.

Not a morning person? Make use of the dual alarm for a soft start to your day.

Majority Knapwell Bedside Bluetooth DAB+ Radio Alarm Clock

Blending DAB/FM Radio and Bluetooth connectivity, the Majority Knapwell gives a stylish wake-up call from the in-built dual alarm. With an impressive 80 decibels and high fidelity speakers enjoy crystal-clear clarity for an alert start to the day. Alternatively, have a sift start to the day with the Snooze Function. Committed to fulfilling the needs of the modern audiophile, the Majority Knapwell offers USB charging so you can wake up with a full phone battery.

Majority Orwell Portable Bluetooth DAB+ Radio

A fusion of DAB+ Radio, 5.3 Bluetooth connectivity and USB-C Charging, the Majority Orwell is the lightweight answer to portable entertainment for the audiophile on the go. Supporting 12 hours of playback from a single charge, our newest portable radio weighing only 400g, comes with 40 DAB & FM presets for customised audio resulting in instant listing bliss.

Majority Knapwell retails at £39.95.

Majority Knapton retails at £54.95.

Majority Orwell retails at £29.95.