How to Game on a Budget

Whether you want to game on a student budget or you'd be a savvy shopper, we put together our top tips to get starting in gaming.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know gaming is everything in pop culture. From Arianna Grande’s Fortnite concert to children enjoying multi-player games on Nintendo Switch, gaming is everywhere and anywhere. Nowadays, most people first experience of gaming comes long before they ever sit their GCSE exams so it’s no surprise it’s the nation’s favourite way to relax. For those of you, who are just boarding the gaming train, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start, how to start and how much to spend. Whether you want to game on a student budget or you’d be a savvy shopper, we put together our top tips to get starting in gaming.

Pick your Platform

If you’re right at the beginning of your gaming journey, you’ll need to decide which platform you want to start with. Whether you want to head straight into getting an Xbox, step a step back in time with a vintage gaming set-up or start with a Nintendo Switch, there’s a few factors to consider:

Cost: The older the console you get, the cheaper the system you’ll have and buying used is number one to saving your money towards a more up to date gaming console. Alternatively, start with online or PC gaming and work up towards to a console.

Connectivity: While older consoles are cheaper, there may be hidden costs to keep everything running. The original Xbox don’t support HDMI and most smart TVs don’t have composite inputs., so factor it in to your total budget.

Gaming Archives: If you want the option to play plenty of games, you’ll need a platform with lots of games to play. While PC gaming is the obvious choice, older consoles have an extensive library.

Buy Cheap, Free or Used Games

Video games will be their most expensive when they’ve just been released so playing a game that’s been out for a while will be more cost effective. Alternatively, video games can be rented on Amazon with a wide range of video games for different platforms.

Majority Snowdon II Bluetooth Soundbar
Image: @robinsretro, Instagram

A great way to be a savvy shopper is to invest in used games. Classic games like Doom or Descent means you can stock up on plenty of retro games for next to nothing. Alternatively, free games are on the rise, especially on PC. Often, the free games are form indie developers so it’s a great way to get the next big name on your radar before they become a massive name! Watch out for free games that are designed to get you to pay later.

Read reviews BEFORE you buy

If you’re on a budget, it can be a financial nightmare to spend your spare cash on the game all over social media only to find out you can’t stand it or you feel it wasn’t worth what you paid for it. If you’re in doubt about buying a new game, check out the reviews before you buy from magazines, youtubers, Twitch streamers, TV shows, blogs and more.

Gaming with Majority

Whether you’re headed straight into the Nintendo Switch or sticking to gaming from your PC or laptop no gaming experience is complete without superior audio. We’ve selected our top picks to get gaming on a budget.

Majority RS1 Condenser Microphone

Majority RS1 Condenser Microphone

Perfect for someone new to gaming, the Majority RS1 delivers high quality sound for flawless recording. Designed for the gamer who is eager to get started right away, the plug and play feature means as soon as you connect the microphone to your PC or laptop via USB cable, you’re ready to delve into your favourite videogame.

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Majority K2 Bluetooth Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer
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With Bluetooth connectivity, the Majority K2 Soundbar & Subwoofer will reinvent entertainment with its surround sound. The wireless subwoofer delivers audio excellence with sound settings to suit your gaming experience.

Majority D40 Bookshelf Speakers

Majority D40 Bookshelf Speakers
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Gamer for Life? It’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the gaming community. So, join in the thrilling gaming world with the Majority D40’s surround sound to make you feel like the ultimate warrior or ruler of the castle.  

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